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Статьи о сериале ЧАСТИ ТЕЛА [10]
статьи о nip/tuck
все сезоны, все серии, название, исполнитель, описание.
Наш опрос
Актуален ли еще этот сайт? Сейчас я взялся за него снова! =)
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    ВТОРОЙ СЕЗОН (Серии 10-16)

    2.10 ~ Kimber Henry


    “A Servant boy Named Sweats” - Johnny Cash (Operation of Ike Connors)

    “Malibu” - 7-Hurtz (Sean & Kimber with the bed)

    “Machine Says Yes” - FC Kahuna (Julia prepares to leave in a bar)

    “Tension One Sight” - 7-Hurtz (Julia meets Roger)

    “Machine Says Yes” - FC Kahuna (Julia is drunk /Roger invites it in its room)

    “Alpha” - Elvis (Sean comes to seek Julia with the hotel/Sean with the Kimber headstock)

    “Fucker” - Fischerspooner (Sean announces in Christian that it slept with Kimber)



    2.11 ~ Natasha Charles


    “Tough One Crime” - Rebecca Pidgeon (Sean and Julia with the collection of funds of the school)

    “I' ll Be Seeing You” - Rickie Lee
    (RDV of Natasha at the ocular prothesist)

    “Just Be” - Kirsty Hawkshaw
    (Natasha meets its go Internet while Christian observes them)

    “All The Way to the Signal” - Jazzupstarts
    (the appointment of Natasha asks for the opinion of Christian on this one)

    “Full One” - Chungking
    (Christian joined Natasha with its table)

    “In My Head” - Psapp
    (Christian and Natasha its sitted unit)

    “Natasha” - Rufus Wainwright
    (Christian & Natasha make love)



    2.12 ~ Julia McNamara


    “Our Lips Are Sealed” - The Go Go' S (Intervention on the lips of a patient)

    “Searchin” - Alex Cortiz (Ava wishes in Julia that it awake in a different life)

    “Promised, Promised” - Naked Eyes
    (Christian/Julia/Kimber in the swimming pool)

    “Haven' T Got Time For The Bread” - Carly Simon
    (Face lift of Mrs. Grubman)

    “You' Re So Vain” - Carly Simon
    (Julia & Christian in the house/Julia reveal that it cannot have of child/Christian reveals that Kimber is pregnant of him)

    “You Can' T Always Get What You Want” - Rolling Stones
    (Ava announces that it is the angel of death, flat layout of Julia/dream of his death)



    2.13 ~ Oona Wentworth


    “Who Am I” - Peace Orchestrated (Consultation of ms. Garcia)

    “More, More, More” - Andrea True Connection
    (ms. Garcia tests clothing and jewels of his owner/festival with other maidservants /Merrill Bobbolit injecting of the botox)

    “Everybody Got Their Something” - Nikka Costa (Intervention on Ms.Garcia)

    “Back to Life” - Soul II Soul (Bobbolit shoote then is carried out a peeling at Mrs Rose)

    “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)” - Samantha Fox
    (Christian goes to to the living room of esthetics of Mrs Rose to find Bobbolit)

    “Who Am I” - Peace Orchestrated
    (Christian confronts Bobbolit with Mrs Rose)

    “Key West” - Village People (Intervention on Oona Wentworth)

    “Goodbye Stranger” - Supertramp
    (Christian attached on the table at Mrs Rose/Bobbolit cuts the face of Christian, it his then made a faintness)




    2.14 ~ Trudy Nye


    “Will Keep Us Together” - Captain &Tennille Coils (Music passing on the car radio of Christian when it leaves Natasha in his car to go to choose a video with the videoclub/the car makes bone)

    “Got To Be Coils” - Greyboy
    (Kimber and Sean dine/Kimber and Sean with the bed)

    “Schubert' S `Piano Mass No 6” - D
    (Surgery of the lines of the hand of Kimber)

    “Instrumental” - James S. Levine
    (Christian and Kimber make love in the office of Christian, Sean between)

    “Instrumental” - James S. Levine (Ava with the bed/Reconciliation of Matt and Ava)

    “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” - Neil Sedaka
    (2йme rhinoplastie of Trudy Nye)



    2.15 ~ Sean McNamara


    “You In My Hut Now” - The Brothers Jungle (Christian is sent in the air with a patient which it examined for a melanomist)

    “Score” - James S. Levine
    (Christian drinks vodka by inviting its list of old adventures in order to announce to them that it A can be the HIV)

    “Score” - James S. Levine
    (Sean in its shower the Carver observes it then the attack)

    “Lucky With Disease” - Elbow
    (reconstructive Surgery of the face of Sean/Christian accomodates Wilbur and James at the entry of its apartment)

    “Take Me Home” - Aqualung
    (Sean and Julia in the room after the aggression of the Sean carver operate the last victim of the carver)



    2.16 ~ Ava Moore


    “Joaquin Rodrigo' S `Concerto De Aranjuez” - gold Tangerine (Dream of Sean/Escobar advises to him to kill the carver)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Matt flies of the /Christian drugs discovers it in obvious /Matt offence reveals to him that it leaves with Ava to Paris)

    “Epoca” - Gotan Project (Christian confronts Ava about its departure with Matt/Christian tries to be made Ava)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Research and investigations of Christian, Sean and Julia on Internet/Adrian buys a dagger/Carol Nelson in meeting)

    “Queremos Not” - Gotan Project (Christian and Sean arrive at the house of Barrett Moore)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Barrett explains the case of Ava with Christian and Sean while dealing with its orchises/Christian and Sean asks him his assistance/for Sean and Julia discuss their plan to separate Matt & Ava)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Julia and Ava lunch/Julia the formless one whom it knows that Ava was a man/Christian, Matt and Sean lunch)

    “Vuelvo Al On” - Gotan Project (Ava cries in front of Julia and Matt explains why he wants to leave at all costs with it to Paris)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Intervention on Ava, with as specialist to finish what was achieved, Barrett)

    “Wild Horses” - Rolling Stones (Barrett & Ava speak before the intervention/Dispute about Ava and Matt)

    “City Ports” - Forss (Ava packs its bags/Retour of Adrian /Adrian commits suicide)

    “All I Know” - Art Garfunkel (After the suicide of Adrian/Dinner at McNamara/Troy/Departure of Ava for Paris/Christian is attacked by the carver)

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    аааа... спасибо вам огромное=)
    одну песню мечтала найти, не получалось все... а тут... Спасибо. Счастлива. happy

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