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Статьи о сериале ЧАСТИ ТЕЛА [10]
статьи о nip/tuck
все сезоны, все серии, название, исполнитель, описание.
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    3.01 ~ Momma Boone


    “Instrumental” - James S. Levine (Christian dreams of its burial)

    “Score” - James S. Levine
    (Jude & Julia sleep together/Christian turns over at his place for the first time)

    “Stuck in the Middle With You”
    - Stealers Wheel (Sean replaces the bad prostheses mammaires)

    “Score” - James S. Levine
    (cross Scenes when Julia asks for the divorce and that Christian asks Kimber in marriage)

    “Dance Me to the End of Love” - Madeleine Peyroux
    (the wall of Momma Boone is cut down)

    “Any Day Now” - Elbow
    (the first operation of Momma Boone starts)

    “I' ll Look Around” - Madeleine Peyroux (Sean/Christian/Liz discuss the continuation of the intervention while Momma Boone dies)

    S Almighty” - Telepopmuzik “Coils' (Kit questions Christian at his place in connection with its aggression by the Carver)

    “Last Train to Whenever” - Telepopmuzik - (Kit “reconstitutes” the attack and sleep with Christian)

    “Inside and Out” - Feist
    (Christian/Kit/Kimber sleep together)



    3.02 ~ Kiki


    “Score” - James S. Levine (Matt is questioned at the police station)

    “The Tracks of My Tears” - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (Marlon is operated while Liz and Christian will see KiKi)

    “Sick Like Me” - T. Raumschmiere (Julia finds the book on the bed of Matt)

    “Yew You Want It” - Scream Club (Matt smokes/Erica joined it/They discuss in connection with Ava)

    “Strawberry Letter #23” - The Brothers Johnson - (Matt imagines that Ava speaks to him)

    “Since I Fell For You” - Nina Simone (Matt is at Cherry/Il striking)

    “World of Pain” - Shaper (Matt shaves cranium/Sean suggests a therapy to him)

    Swan Lake” - Tchaikovsky (Christian and Sean dispute/Liz stops them to say to them that KiKi died)

    “Makambo” - Geoffrey Oryema (Marlon and Matt are continued then beaten)



    3.03 ~ Alex, Derek and Gary


    “All We Are” - Fischerspooner (Christian and Quentin go with the FAC to help Derek/Alex/Gary)

    “Stuck One You” - Presley Elvis (Christian and Quentin operate Derek/Alex/Gary)

    “What' S Rally Goin' One
    ” - Marz (Sean and Quentin arrive at the evening coed)

    “Release” -
    Timo Maas (Sean meets Amber)

    “4 Ur Ears” - Timo Maas (Sean and Amber go in another part/Quentin enter and make a wink with Sean)

    “Stuck One You” - Lionel Richie (Christian/Quentin arranges the buttocks of Derek)

    “Chunga' S Revenge” - Gotan
    Project (Christian/Kimber/Kit/Quentin dine/Kit proposes a part with four)

    “Wait (The Whisper Song)” - Ying
    Yang Twins (left to four between Kit/Qentin/Kimber/Christian)



    3.04 ~ Rhea Rheynolds


    “Score” - James S. Levine (Sean is confronted with Matt with the apartment of Julia)

    “The Wrinkle Feeds - Juliet
    (Sean and Christian repair the scars of their patient/Quentin announces a new victim of the Carver/Christian is alone in its office)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Sean examines Christian)

    “Those Where The Days” - Susan Lainey
    (Sean prepares the operation of Ellie/Opération of Ellie in parallel)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Annie and Sean are questioned by the social services)

    “A Cry For Coils” - The Black Heart Procession (Quentin and Christian deal with repairing the face of Rhea Reynolds, which is with waked up half)

    “Numb” -
    Sia (Sean chooses a knife and gashes the arm/Liz puts Christian under anaesthesia/Ellie is with Carl and Trudy/Rhea is attacked by the genuine Carver)



    3.05 ~ Granville Trapp


    “Brother Where Are You” - Brown Oscar (Sean and Quentin operate the face of Granville Trapp)

    “I Melt With You” - New Wave (Christian dreams of him and Kimber while it is in prison)



    3.06 ~ Frankenlauren


    “Season of the Witch” - Donovan (Liposuccion of Mrs. Hosentagen)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Gina shows the potential of the place, Julia proposes to open a spa)

    “Everything In Its Right Places” - Radiohead (Sean and Christian désarticulent Frankenlaura)

    “How We Do This” - The Brand New Heavies (Gina and Julia work on the building site)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Sean discusses with Prine in prison who says to him that Laura is his sister)


    “John Wayne Gacy, Jr.” - Sufjan Stevens (Prine dreams of his/her sister/Sean detaches the head of Laura)



    3.07 ~ Ben White


    “Score” - James S. Levine (Julia on the telephone tries to attract the customers)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Julia/Liz/Gina speak about the possibilities of a mask “spermic”)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Christian returns visit to Ben White who shows him his “plan”)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Kimber and Christian discuss Sean/Kimber told Christian to go from before)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Operations of Nikki and Austin with Dr. Sagamore)

    “To coil' S Spit” - Social Broken Scene featuring Feist (Christian asks Kimber to marry it)



    3.08 ~ Tommy Bolton


    “Score” - James S. Levine (Dr. Sagamore and Sean remove the bandages of Nikki and Austin/Nikki called to Sean that Austin disappeared)

    “Whatever Lola Wants” - Sarah Vaughn (Quentin returns visit in Julia to speak business/Quentin invites Julia to dine)

    “Carlos Gardel” - Por Una Cabeza (Julia/Quentin dines/Quentin tries to convince Julia to accept its offer/They dance)

    “Family Affair” - Sly & The Family Stone (Operation of Tommy Bolton/Christian fills a photo album)

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