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Статьи о сериале ЧАСТИ ТЕЛА [10]
статьи о nip/tuck
все сезоны, все серии, название, исполнитель, описание.
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Актуален ли еще этот сайт? Сейчас я взялся за него снова! =)
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    3.09 ~ Hannah Tedesco


    “Ace The Comes Rush” - Motorcycle (Christian dredges/layer with Mrs. Eubanks, the double of Kimber)



    3.10 ~ Madison Berg


    “Wishin' and Hopin'” - Ani DiFranco (Christian carries out to it micro liposuccion of Kimber)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Gina depilates Kimber with the spa/Kimber speaks in Julia de Christian)

    “This is Not A Coils Song” - New Wave
    (Christian asks Sean and Matt to be its witnesses/Matt asks Christian to let itself interview by Ariel)

    “Cherish” - The Association
    (Christian Sean taste the birthday cakes)

    “Score” - James S. Levine (Matt & Ariel speak about the problems of racism of Ariel)

    “Atomised” - Forss
    (Ariel bores the ear of Matt with a swastika)

    “Honeydew” - Tom Quick (Christian looks at the photographs of the marriage of Sean and Julia/Kimber speaks to him and disputes with him/Kimber the formless one which it goes to the hotel to preserve the tradition)

    “Canon in D Major” - Pachelbell
    (Christian prepares its wishes while waiting for Matt then disputes with him/Matt leaves)

    “Ave Maria”
    (Kimber receives the “gift” of Gina)

    “Jesu O Joy of Man' S Desiring” - Bach
    (Julia will see Christian right before the marriage/They embrace himself then carry a toast in company of Sean)

    “Canon in D Major” - Pachelbell (Kimber awaits the beginning of the marriage in a room)
    “I' ve Been Loving You Too Long” - Otis Redding
    (Sean called to Christian that Kimber left/Matt and Ariel embrace after having flown of the files in the private clinic/Sean and Christian sat in the church/Sean called to Christian that he wants to turn over to work with the private clinic)



    3.11 ~ Abby Mays


    “Conceited Bottomed Girls” - Queen (Abby Mays is operated by Christian which is assisted by Liz)

    “War” - Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Operation of Oliver Brandt by Sean and Christian)

    “We Come In Peace” - Sam Black Church (Sean and Julia dispute in front of the door of Matt at Julia/Matt disputes with Sean/Matt called to Ariel that he likes it)

    “Paz” - Troubleman (Quentin & Julia with the jacuzzi of Spa/Julia speak in Quentin de Brandt which denies all)

    “To Hate You” - Maria Lee Carta Coils (Sean & Christian operate/Quentin made sign papers with Sean & Christian and acknowledges to them that it works from now on for Julia)



    3.12 ~ Sal Perri


    Пока нет информации



    3.13 ~ Joy Kringle


    “The Little Drummer Servant boy” - Arthur Lyman (Sean examines Julia and speaks about Christmas)

    “Away In A Manager” (Matt & Ariel discuss the black crib to the college)

    “Santa' S Going to Rock” - The Bellrays (Matt and Ariel steal the crib of the college)

    “Silent Night” (Julia acknowledges in Sean which it is pregnant)

    “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” - Jingle Punx (Matt and Ariel repaint the crib)

    “White Christmas” (Christian called to Sean that Julia & Quentin never slept together)

    “Christmas Merry Christmas” - MJ330 then “Rain in Our Room” - Russell Mills (Matt gives to Ariel its Ariel/Christmas present puts the bleaching cream/Matt puts it under the shower)

    “Santa Baby” - Eartha Kitt then “The Christmas Song” - Billy Williams & Nicole (Matt goes to Christian to pay him the consult' of Ariel/Christian proposes to him to remain to eat)

    “O Holy Night” - Aaron Neville (Sean and Julia in the private clinic/Julia reveal in Sean that the baby is of him but Sean knows it already/They decide to keep it/the “white” crib becomes again black under the rain)



    3.14 ~ Peck Cherry


    Пока нет информации



    3.15 ~ Quentin Costa


    Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)” - Gotant Project (Sean/Christian and Matt/Cherry are tortured by Carver and Mr. Alderman)

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    6 jira_fff  

    5 kiss_1983_girl  
    I am from Bulgeria I love you Nip Tuck :)

    4 bis  
    my favorit music “Ace The Comes Rush” - Motorcycle
    “Wishin' and Hopin'” - Ani DiFranco :D

    3 bis  

    2 Рената  

    1 Martisha  
    Как хорошо, что у нас есть такой путеводитель)))

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