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Статьи о сериале ЧАСТИ ТЕЛА [10]
статьи о nip/tuck
все сезоны, все серии, название, исполнитель, описание.
Наш опрос
Актуален ли еще этот сайт? Сейчас я взялся за него снова! =)
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    4.09 ~ Liz Cruz

    “Just The Way You Are” - Billy Joel (Sean and Christian operate Liz under the glance of Poppy)

    “Yegelle Tezeta” - Mulatu Astatge
    (painted Marlowe/Julia stops it for him to advise not to be made operate)



    4.10 ~ Merrill Bobolit

    “Don' T Worry Be Happy” - Bobby McFarin (Christian and Sean prepare for the intervention and speak about the family. Christian wants to stop the music. Bobolit appears)

    “Khmer” - the Nile Petter Molvaer
    (Sean asks Marlowe if it slept with Julia)

    “How Deep Is Your Coils” - The Bee Gees
    (Christian repairs the damage caused with the buttocks of Bobolit)

    “Khmer” - the Nile Petter Molvaer
    (Julia admits to have slept with Marlowe. They are reconciled)

    “Access Song Of Sand” - the Nile Petter Molvaer
    (Kimber is made withdraw its implants mammaires)

    “Relaxed” - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    (Sean works on the face of Escobar)

    “Tion” - the Nile Petter Molvaer (Christian sees the corpses with the private clinic)

    “Phum” - the Nile Petter Molvaer
    (Escobar surprises Sean at his place and says to him that it left the evidence on the settee.
    Sean discovers the corpse of Alejandro Perez)




    4.11 ~ Conor McNamara, 2026

    “Barcarolle” - Jacques Offenbach (Julia and Marlowe discuss the operation of Conor)

    “Dubeaster” - Mazzini
    (Conor organizes a dinner so that its family can meet her surgeon)

    “I Will Remember You” - Stephen Lang, Jamie Dunlap, Scott Nickoley
    (Conor requires of Sean to take part in its operation)

    “Cello Concerto in B Minor” - Antonin Dvorak
    (Matt, Sean and Christian operate the hand of Conor)

    “All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands” - Sufjan Stevens
    (Sean leads Julia, Conor and Annie with the airport)



    4.12 ~ Diana Lubey

    “One Day You Will see” - Mouloudi (Sean operates Diana)

    “That Will be, Will be” - Pink Martini
    (Michelle discovers James prélèvant a kidney on a patient)

    “When You Dances” - Gilbert Becaud
    (Sean gives ashes to the woman of Victor who empties them in the sink)

    “Foreign With the Paradise” - Gloria Lasso
    (Sean returns true ashes to Diana)



    4.13 ~ Reefer

    “It' S The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” - Andy Williams (Sean and Matt buy their Christmas presents)

    “Joy To The World” - Stephen Metcalf
    (Sean operates Caroline)

    “Sunshine Christmas” - Billy Paul Williams
    (Sean, in its new costume, meets Reefer on the way of the cabinet)

    “Santa Baby” - Eartha Kitt
    (Sean operates a Father Christmas whose boots amalgamated with its skin)

    “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Gift' T Be Late)” - The Chipmunks
    (Sean plays the Father Christmas in the shopping centre)

    “Up One The Housetop” - The Chipmunks
    (Christian surprises Sean in full action)

    “Silent Night” - Otto Sieben
    (James speaks in Chiyo on the telephone/Sean the formless one that it and Reefer will be the only patients with the cabinet this evening)

    “The Little Drummer Servant boy” - Harry Simeone Chorale
    (Michelle joined James who took the bodies of Reefer)




    4.14 ~ Willy Ward

    “Up, Up, And Away (In My Beautiful Balloon)” - 5th Dimension (Christian operates Paige/Sean enters the operating room before leaving in consultation)

    “I' m Your Puppet” - James & Bobby Purify (Sean opére Willy Ward)

    “Magnum” - Jimmy Kaleth (Kimber and Matt carry out their skin flick)




    4.15 ~ Gallardo Official reception

    “The Good Night” - The Submarines Helvetica (Last operation of Sean/Michelle takes notes.)

     Helvetica,sans-serif,“Modern Inventions” - The Submarines Helvetica
    (Operation of Gallardo Official reception)
    Helvetica,sans-serif, Helvetica,sans-serif,“I' ll Take You There” - The Staples Singers Helvetica
    (Sean and Christian buy hams and take along the body of Escobar in Everglades)
     Helvetica,sans-serif,“Brighter Dicontent” - The Submarines Helvetica
    (Assembly of all the characters which sings this song)
     Helvetica,sans-serif,“Hollywood Swinging” - Kool & The Gang Helvetica
    (Christian and Sean are in Hollywood)

    Категория: СПИКОК МУЗЫКАЛЬНЫХ КОМПОЗИЦИЙ | Добавил: niptuck (25 Августа 2007) | Автор: Sergey
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    wacko пипец работнички сайта

    Bonnie Tyler - Turn Around, песня из 5 сезона, когда Мэт готовит амфитамин.

    где музыка из 5 сезона!?

    и правда пора уже ост к 5 выкладывать! angry

    блин!!в конце 12 серии такая классная песенка ишрает-так скачать хотела,а ее здесь НЕ!!((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    а сайт будет дальше развиваться? что насчет пятого сезона?

    А чег нет ничего из 5-го сезона?

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