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Статьи о сериале ЧАСТИ ТЕЛА [10]
статьи о nip/tuck
все сезоны, все серии, название, исполнитель, описание.
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    ВТОРОЙ СЕЗОН (Серии 1-9)

    2.01 ~ Erica Noughton


    “Ravel' S Bolero” - Jazzelicious (Christian tries to convince Sean to resort to Botox)

    “So Nice” - Bebel Gilberto (Festival of birthday of Sean)

    “I Wish” - Stevie Wonder (Christian and Gina pouponnent/Sean blows its candles)

    “Eyes Without A Face” - Billy Idol (reconstructive Surgery of the face of Libby Zucker)

    “Justine” - Brookville (Christian makes pass a maintenance to the nanny)

    “Hold `Dat” (Richard X Re-mix) - Prince Po (Christian picks up Nicole Watts in a bar)

    “Last Tango in Paris” - Gotan Project (Christian alone with the bar/Consultation of Erica)        
    “Lovergirl” - Teena Marie (Julia & Erica with the gym)

    “Bach' S Overture #3” - Zigo (Face lift of Erica Noughton' S)

    “Vibrate” - Rufus Wainwright (Libby shoots at Chad/Sean and Christian in front of their cake)



    2.02 ~ Christian Troy


    “Me & Yoko Ono” - Tosca (Christian breaks the nose, in a position more than delicate)
    “Rimsky Korsakov' S” - Flight of the Bumblebee
    (Intervention on the Jess patient)

    “The Trout” - Franz Schubert (Consultation of Christian at Dr. Monica Jordan)
    “Just Let Go” - Fischerspooner (reducing Surgery of Calvin Murray/Julia & Erica discuss following its face lift/Sean smashes a Jaguar blocking its parking space)
    “Body Language” - Queen (2nd consultation of Christian at Dr. Jordan)
    “Step Aside” - Clawfinger (Christian practises itself its rhinoplastie)
    “Force” - Dog (Christian practises itself its rhinoplastie)



    2.03 ~ Manya Mabika


    “Collective for Changuito” - Amampondo (reconstructive Surgery of the clitoris of Manya)
    “Falling” - Chris Coconut (Christian and Gina dispute about Wilbur)
    “Let' S Get It One” - Marvin Gaye (Christian & Manya with the bed/Sean and Julia also with the bed)
    “More Than This” - Roxy Music (Transplantation of hair on Elias Perry)
    “Angels” - Wax Poetic (Julia and Sean make love, Julia imagining Christian)



    2.04 ~ Mrs Grubman


    “Satie' S Blues” - Margaret Leng-Tan (Festival “Princess menstruation” for Annie/Christian invites Kimber to lunch)
    “Baby” - Koop (Christian & Kimber lunch)

    “Cosmopolitans” - Erin McKeown
    (Kimber sniffe of coke in the toilets)

    “Humble Girl” - Anjali (Kimber returns from the toilets, its nose starts to bleed on the table)

    “Mother' S Little Helper” - Rolling Stones (Surgery of the knees of Mrs. Grubman)

    “Moonlight Sonata” - Dakesh York
    (reconstructive Surgery of the nasal walls of Kimber)



    2.05 ~ Joel Gideon


    “Pride” - Syntax (Sean on the telephone with Julia/Car accident)

    “Ain' T No Mountain High Enough” - The Supreme (reconstructive Surgery of Joel Gideon)

    “I' ll Find A Way” - Rachael Yamagata (Christian says goodbye to Wilbur in its room)

    “Answer” - Sarah McLachlan (Christian & Julia with its apartment)



    2.06 ~ Bobbi Broderick


    “Girl From Ventimiglia” - Holy Privat (Matt goes to Ava, they start a exercise of confidence in the other)

    “Dregs” - Thompson Twins
    (Liposuccion de Bobbi Broderick)

    “Una Musica Brutal” - Gotan Project
    (Christian returns visit in Ava at it)

    “Milkshake” - Kelis
    (Christian & Sean with the gym)

    “Filthy/Gorgeous” - Scissor Sisters (Rebuilding of the lips of Mrs. Calderolla/Sean introduces Christian at Ava)

    “Volare” - Dean Martin
    (post-operative RDV of Mrs. Calderolla with Sean and its husband)

    “Happy Ocean” - Tosca (Matt dines with Ava and wants its reward)



    2.07 ~ Naomi Sheaths


    “Hayling” - FC Kahuna (Matt and Ava with the bed - Adrian returns)

    “Sidewalk” - 7-Hurtz (Consultation of Naomi)

    “Ciao” - Cinerex (Christian allures the journalist Andrea Hall with the bar)

    “City Ports” - Forss
    (Matt, Ava and Adrian at the edge of the swimming pool at Ava)

    “Skin Trade” - Duran Duran (reconstructive facial Surgery of Naomi Sheaths)

    “State of Mind” - Aaron Kaplan (Matt and Adrian discuss /Adrian embraces Matt)

    “City Ports” - Forss (Matt breaks with Ava/Matt questions Julia on its true father)



    2.08 ~ Agatha Ripp


    “Music Choral” - James S. Levine (Consultation and operation of Agatha Ripp)

    “Sympathy for the Devil” - Rolling Stones
    (Intervention on the baby having an appendix caudal)



    2.09 ~ Rose & Raven Rosenberg


    “Don' T Fear The Reaper” - Blue Oyster Cult (Coming from college dorm room next to Sean & Christian' S while studying for R&R' S surgery)

    “Flower Duet Romanian “Lakme” operated” - Leo Delibes
    (Operation of separation of Rose & Raven)

    “Deacon Blue” - Steely daN
    (Sean & Renee, the prostitute, with the bar)

    “Edge We Still Be Friends” - Todd Rundgren (Christian, Sean and Renee in the room)

    “Flower Duet Romanian “Lakme” operated” - Leo Delibes
    (Sean & Christian gather Rose & Raven again postmortem)

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